What To Wear

Photo Session Notes

The real purpose of Graduation is to celebrate years of hard work, but let’s be honest — those photos are important.

Why wouldn’t you want to look great in the images that immortalize one of the biggest accomplishments of your life so far?


We provide a limited number of white shirts to wear underneath the gowns. Because of health & safety recommendations, we suggest you wear your own shirts.

Under The Gown

To provide contrast against the black graduation gown, we recommend wearing a white or light-colored shirt with a collar (see samples below).

Makeup Notes

Please avoid any makeup finishes that will add shine or reflection. The main objective is to look like yourself – but a presentable version. Also Note: Hands will be visible in the photos.

Casual Photos

In addition to the graduation portraits, the photographers will take a few casual photos. These photos can be used for business headshots or profile headshots. Please consider what you might want to wear for these photos (see samples below).


Wearing eyeglasses during your photoshoot may cause a reflection in some cases. If your glasses create a reflective glare from the lights and camera, the photographers will try to find a work-around.

Props or Program Related Items

Graduation Gowns and basic props will be provided. However, you can bring your own small props or items related to your program.

Graduation Caps

Graduation caps (mortarboard hats) are not part of the official Centennial College graduation attire.

However there is the option to use them as props during the photoshoot.

Casual Photos

Sample Attire

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